baby steps


So, I live in London. The past few months have been a fabulous whirlwind of house hunting, starting my new job, exploring and adventures, trying new things and getting extremely, exceptionally lost. Moving to London as a grad is one of the scariest, but most exciting things i've done so far, but it's something i've known I wanted to do for a very long time. If there's one thing it's made me realise though, it's that i'll always be a northern girl at heart. I don't think i'll ever get my head around the tea/dinner argument. 

I always thought i'd go into something fashion driven. I think the older i've got, and the more experience i've had in non-fashiony jobs, i've realised that's actually not where my passion lies. If anything, going into luxury travel PR has given me a major travel bug, i'm itching to explore the world, absolutely itching. I guess that'll come in a few years though. One thing at a time, right? Everything that's happened in the past couple of months still doesn't feel like reality, but as it does, i'm planning on writing about it on this little corner of the internet. I know when i was planning on making the move down south, trying to find a job and a house etc. there wasn't a whole lot of useful help online, so I guess it'd be great to help other eager beavers find their feet in the big smoke.


Pardon the extremely stereotypical photos, but I thought they were pretty apt giving i'm still a massive tourist, and take photos of EVERYTHING. I've made a little London bucket list, well, I say little, it's restaurant after restaurant, shop after shop, event after event - there's so much to do (and only a grad wage to do it on), and so much to see, but i'm slowly working through it. I'm determined to conquer london on a (teeny tiny) budget, but with my track record, i think that's going to be easier said than done. saying that, i'm also on a mission to get fit, eat healthily (not easy when i have 7564836 bags of crisps stuffed into my desk drawers) and still save steps, baby steps.


  1. Wow, what an adventure! I think what you've done is such a brave yet amazing thing to do, I have no doubt that you'll go far and achieve everything you want. I've only been to London once but it seems so amazing, there is just so much to do! You definitely don't have to rush it all xxx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  2. I love how you’re a tourist in your own country! I do this in my own city! Haha It must be so exciting to have moved to London. I hope you achieve all your dreams! & I’m looking forward to seeing how your new adventures go!


  3. awww, i think it is nice to switch up the perspective and be a tourist in a place that you feel familiar with. :) I do that in NYC too


  4. So happy you've moved to London Amy and I really hope you're enjoying it! I'm a northerner (Whitby) too living in London so it'd be fab to meet up with you!

    Monica x

  5. Really great pictures! Good luck in London! Love that city! :)

  6. I've always wanted to go to London! SOOO jealous!

  7. Anonymous21:20

    I've been to London quite a few times and still feel the need to take pictures of all the tourist sights every time… it just has to be done!

    JaynieShannon | Beauty, Lifestyle & Health. (I follow back).


  8. I moved to London two years ago from the midlands and I still take photos of everything haha. When your settled let me know if you fancy going for a coffee sometime, I know how difficult it can be to make friends down here with everyone being so busy! x

  9. Oh how exciting, congrats! you must do a house tour :)


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