flowers in the window

happy sunday! it's bank holiday weekend, which for most, means an extra long weekend off work. fellow bar staff will know that's unfortunately, most definitely, not true. Yesterday, a drizzly saturday in newcastle, I slithered out of bed at eight and made my way to the library. Yesterday also saw the first day of Shindig, a festival in newcastle. naturally, i decided to avoid snapchat, twitter and facebook and ignore the fun everyone else was having. ah, the joys of a dissertation.

My morning was most certainly brightened, however, by the delivery of this beautiful bouquet by Debenhams, from their flower delivery service. Lilies are my favourite flowers ever ever ever. They look amazing and smell beautiful, so this 'Radiance' bouquet instantly made me happy. The roses are delicate, smell incredible and were already at their finest when the flowers arrived. I'd absolutely love to treat my mamma to one of these, and Debenhams were generous enough to drop me, and the lovely people who read my blog, 25% off with the code DFBLOG25. enjoy!


  1. I love lilies, they're definitely my fave flowers too! So nice of Debenhams to send you them, lucky thang

  2. hı dear great post!!

    wold like to follow each other on GFc G+ and instagram? please let me know on my blog so l can follow back .. thank you kiss


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