my week in pictures

It's been a week filled with work, waves and wonderful food, as I sailed to Amsterdam for the most fun-filled weekend, ate at some bloody lovely London restaurants and explored more of the city I now call home. Despite a few hiccups along the way - hair dye disasters etc. - I've had a pretty great week! I visited the Jo Loves store on Elizabeth Street - probably the nicest street I've ever set my peepers upon - for a fragrance tapas, before trotting to The Breakfast Club for a big ol' fry up, a natter and a coffee or six.

Last night involved a whole lot of chocolate, a duvet and a rather extensive youtube session. You all know the vibe, and before I knew it, it was three in the morning and I was 14758364 videos deep. I watched all my old favourites do their thing, and it really spurred me to pick up a pen - well, laptop - and write another blog post. I mean, don't hold me to anything, but there might be a few posts popping up over the next few weeks. I'm leaving it vague, as knowing me, it could be years. 


  1. Gorgeous photos! I need to go to the Breakfast Club again, haven't been there in ages but it's one of my faves!

    Brigitte x |


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