this (hopefully) isn't a joke

okay, so it's 2015, and this is probably the 2015th time i've tried to write this post over the past year. I miss this little corner of the internet, my space to rant, chat about things that i'm sure nobody else is interested in and have an outlet when things all get a little bit too much. and that's exactly what's happened this past year, things all got a little bit too much. I've gotten my life in order recently though, and i think i've even got a little more mature these past few months. well, maybe.

i won't bore you with why i've been so busy, but i will bore you with what i want to achieve this year. I graduate in June, and that is a very, very scary thought. there's countless times i've been working in the library (my new home), and the overwhelming thought of, 'what the hell am i going to do with my life' washes over me again. anyone else in the same boat? so i'm frightened, but also extremely excited for the adventure, the leap into the real world.

one of the main reasons i'm so keen to invest time into this blog again, apart from how hilarious it is to look back on old posts (hiya eighteen year old bracey amy), is the support system it provides, how encouraging and inspiring it is to read other peoples blogs, smile at the comments others leave on here and how amazing it is to look back on your old posts and see what you've achieved. so in other words, i'm going to try and blog more often, whether it be an outfit post or just a little update, i'll post. it's a promise, both to you and myself.


  1. SO pleased to see you back Amy! I still have a year to go yet the whole 'what am I going to do with my life' still terrifies me. Looking forward to your future posts x

    What Rachael Wrote

  2. Good to have you back! Whatever you do, I'm sure you'll be great, believe in yourself x


  3. good to see you back! i'm just back from an unplanned year long hiatus too - we can do this!!

    Heather / The Wardrobe

  4. Anonymous15:38

    Great to have you back! I was in your shoes (the "what the hell am I going to do with my life?!" ones) this time last and I promise you it all sorts itself out. The only thing I regret is the about of energy I wasted worrying :) x


  5. I graduate in May so I can relate to you! It is a scary thought to graduate in just a few months! I also look at it as a new adventure, filled with nerves and excitement. :)



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